Dade County community members welcome home Major Bradford

DADE COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — People gathered across Dade County to welcome home Major Tommy Bradford.

On Wednesday, students, teachers and community members lined the streets.

Major Bradford drove by all the schools in the county. Peopled cheered as he waved to the crowd.

Bradford’s niece, Tressa Campbell, looked on as he went through the high school’s parking lot.

“It was really shocking because you never expect it to be your family when you here about these things and then all of a sudden it is,” Campbell said.

Three weeks ago, Major Bradford was seriously injured while trying to stop a suspect who is accused of leading police on a multi-state chase.

Campbell says the community support as been overwhelming.

“All of the teachers that have walked up to me checking on him, all of the church members, all of the people walking down the street, everyone has been. It has been so touching, because you go through this and you feel like, ‘Oh, no nothing is going to be the same,’ and then you have all of these people doing all of this extraordinary stuff to make you feel like maybe it is going to be okay,” Campbell said.

William Metcalf also attended. He retired from law enforcement and says this hits home.

“They are brothers and sisters and they will always be until the very end. I know what it takes to do that job. It takes a special breed of person to do that job and he is one of them,” Metcalf said.

People appreciated how everyone came together.

“This community has been very supportive. I won’t love another place as long as I live,” Metcalf said.

Campbell admires how her uncle has been able to stay positive.

“I have been in the hospital room while he is making jokes about it. It is amazing to see how he is handling it.”

Major Bradford worked as an SRO for several years at Dade County High School.

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