Dade County Executive Ted Rumley finds he had Covid-19 himself

TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – Dade County Executive had a surprise announcement on Monday at his daily Covid-19 livecast.

The man who has fought to protect his community from the virus found out he had it himself.

Rumley told his audience that he was out several weeks back in the winter with something.

Then on Monday morning, he took an antibody test and learned that he did have Covid-19 in the past.  And so did his wife.

He described his illness as a lung issue that did not improve even with Z-pack treatments.

Rumley also revealed (with permission) that other county officials have also tested positive.

The antibody testing has been somewhat controversial.

They don’t tell you if you have it now, but they do tell you if you have had it in the past (by counting the antibodies you produced to fight it).

States have pushed antibody testing as a quicker and cheaper solution for mass testing.

But the Hamilton County Health Dept (for one) has rejected the tests. Administrator Becky Barnes says the science just isn’t there yet on them.

Ted Rumley is a believer, and encourages everyone to get one because “It’s a good thing to know.”

The County Executive was told it happened long enough ago that he is not contagious and does not need to quarantine himself.

Watch the video to see how he describes the illness and getting the news.

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