Dade County giving storm shelters

DADE COUNTY, Georgia (WDEF) –  Back in 2011 parts of Dade County were destroyed by tornadoes and lives were lost.

“For vulnerable folks who are worried about that and ever since 11 we’re all worried, I’m worried,” said Director of Emergency Services Alex Case.

Now after much work, applying for grants, and working with FEMA, Dade County is building three additional tornado shelters.

“The location is going to be at the Dade County sports complex on Highway 11 south. We had the Southeast Lineman Training Center School is across the road. We have a federally funded Dade County Head Start program with a lot of children that will be within maybe 100 yards from it. We also have our Dade County Senior Building right across the street,” said Case.

These shelters will complement other storm-ready buildings and help protect the community from possible future storms.

“We did have some places open but the building we’re currently in is a place. The building next to us or Justin’s building but we need more, we need more out in the community,” said Case.

The cost is being mostly paid for by grants but, some tax dollars will also be funding the project.

“We know things have gone up so we’ve been discussing with FEMA that as well. They told us to keep driving with what we got but the buildings have gone up considerably. We’re already on light items, the last few payments we take we’re going to be over so they’re working with us,” said Case.

In the case of a severe storm, he recommends I think quickly and not waiting because it might be too late.

“Slow down, look, take some time. It’s a team effort and the biggest team as the public. ”

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