Dade County Prepared for Industrial Expansion

TRENTON, GA. (WDEF-TV) -The Dade County Industrial Park celebrates an official certification.
The designation of "GRAD certified" opens the community to new economic development— some of which is already underway.
PETER CERVELLI, EXEC. DIR., INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY "Being a grad certified industrial park says that you’ve done everything that you can do to be prepared for industry to come here. It involves very expensive due diligence work on our part. And we finally an official award just a couple weeks ago."

Three major interstates, and a railway run through Dade County, making it a desirable place for potential business.
But, the county has struggled to grow its center of industry due to lack of land.
Commissioner Ted Rumley assures businesses that is no longer a problem.

"We got the access. We got water which a lot of Georgia is hurting for. But we got the water. We can offer anything that they need we can offer it. Power, water, and now we got the land."

With the purchase of over 250 acres of Olgiati farmland, Dade is entertaining several potential investors.
This, only two years removed from the loss of Shaw Industries, formerly one of the county’s largest employers.

PETER CERVELLI "When you lose 440 jobs its very difficult to bring 440 jobs back. So yeah were very pleased that our existing companies which are very important to us. In many ways more important than trying to find a new fish are growing."

But now, Lake Region, the county’s second largest employer, is constructing a 25,000 square foot expansion.
The addition will bring dozens of jobs to the old portion of the insdustrial park.
County officials expect the old industrial park to be completed by December.
Cervelli estimates that 15-million dollars will be invested in developmental projects over the next six years.

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