Dade County puts an SRO in every school

TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – The Dade County school system and law enforcement have worked out a deal to put an armed officer in every school.

Dr. Jan Harris plus the Sheriff Ray Cross and Trenton Police Chief Christy Smith announced the decision this afternoon.

The SRO’s will be on campus beginning on Thursday.

The decision is part of an overall reassessment of school safety.

All facilities now have cameras and secure entrances.

Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris ran down the other safety topics in a statement.

“We are updating Emergency Plans. We regularly have safety drills. We are reviewing the latest software to update our surveillance cameras (276 cameras in our schools) and equipment. We are conducting meetings with law enforcement officials, parents, students and community members to share information and seek input.”

The schools are also re-evaluating their Alternative School program.

They plan to move it to a new time and location next year.

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