Dade officials happier with Cloudland Canyon crowds

LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, Georgia (WDEF) – Dade County officials have been in a war of words with the Governor’s office over crowds at the Cloudland Canyon State Park.

But there may be peace over the Canyon.

Dade officials were more pleased on Monday with visitation numbers from the weekend after park officials put a clamp on people entering.

They said there were 90 cars per day (down from the 150+ last week).

And 60% of the cars are from our area instead of the out-of-staters they saw last weekend.

We talked to visitors on Saturday about the need to get out into the wild.

But this weekend, the park got more rangers who spread people out more.

Governor Kemp also is sending State Patrol, local police and DNR officials out to crackdown on social gathering in Parks and at state beaches.

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