Dade Teacher Resigns After Unusual Punishment of Student

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – In most cases, a misbehaving child in school gets detention or a visit to the principal’s office.
But in a recent incident at Dade county elementary school, a student faced an unusual, possibly dangerous punishment.

DEBORAH DOUGLAS, STUDENT’S GRANDMOTHER "She made him lick a clorox wipe."

Deborah Douglas took her story to the Dade county school board last Monday. Her grandson was given that unusual punishment for uttering what the teacher thought was a profanity.
Deborah went to Dade Elementary school Monday and spoke with the principal.

DEBORAH DOUGLAS "The principal did do her job. She called the lady..the teacher right in there an asked her a question. And she said it had been confronted to her about the incident happening and she didn’t deny it…she said I did."

The Lookout Mountain woman then got a quick response from the administration after her appearance at the school board meeting.

DEBORAH DOUGLAS "I think the world of the teachers, I think the world of the principal, I think the world of the superintendent…and things like that…and I feel they jumped on it right then when I confronted them..I really do. I think they did a good job at that."

The teacher is no longer with the system. She had been there for 17 years.
Dade school superintendent Cherie Swader says it’s a personnel issue that she’s not allowed to discuss.

CHERIE SWADER, SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT "Our primary goal is to make sure our children are safe and that the parents can trust us…and and know that we’re going to do what’s in the best interest of the children."

We found Ms. Douglas at her home, where she gave the interview about the unusual school punishment.
She says she had not planned to take her case any further, and did not seek publicity.
But she says she wants to see if the teacher will find work at another school.

And, what was the profanity uttered by the 11 year old?

DEBORAH DOUGLAS "Freaking" ….and that’s not allowed? No…I don’t like the word..but that’s what he said."

We were not able to make contact with the teacher who resigned to get her response to Douglas’ complaint.

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