Dallas Bay Chaplain Joey Quarles is First Responder of the Month

DALLAS BAY, Tennessee (WDEF) – When tragedies like this happen, the pain is shared by the victims and sometimes all others at the scene. Lt. Joey Quarles of the Dallas Bay Fire department is trained to help. He’s the chaplain.

“What’s going to happen when the ambulance comes, what’s going to happen when law enforcement comes, whose going to do what, and usually that will offer a sense of calming to that family..and give them something less to worry about during a really stressful time in their lives.”

Joey’s mother passed away at home a few years ago and he remembers how shaken and confused the family was.

“as a chaplain, my job is to take care of the firemen that I work with …whether its on the scene of a call. Or whether its after a call ..we see a lot of bad things..my job is to take care of them first, my job secondly is to take care of the families in our community.”

Joey Quarles is trained to do it all.

“I have more jobs here. You know I have my chaplain role here, I have my EMS role here, I have my fire role here …its never boring…never boring.”

Dallas Bay Medical Chief Timothy Waldo says “I’m just glad Joey got the award he got…he’s well deserved of it. He works hard at what he does..and he’s good at what he does.”

Keep in mind these folks like Joey Quarles are all trained volunteers.

” It’s nice to be recognized, but in a sense, I want to make sure that everybody…everybody’s recognized.”

But, this time its Lt. Joey Quarles, the chaplain, who is in the spotlight at our First Responder of the Month.

James Wettermark, “First Responders are not just the professionals who save our lives, put out fires, and stop crime,,,they are also our neighbors. Its an honor on behalf of Wettermark and Keith to honor these first responders.”


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