Dalton Catamounts See Injuries ‘Catamounting’ Up

Dalton, GA-(WDEF-TV) The injuries are ‘catamounting’ up for the Dalton Catamounts.
Their starting quarterback Landon Allen may be out for the year with back issues.
And then their back-up quarterback went down with a serious injury last Friday.
Their top receiver is likely sidelined a month, and two offensive linemen missed last week’s game. So far, Dalton is persevering through the adversity with a 5-1 record.

Said head coach Matt Land:”Well you know it’s that old saying. Never pray for patience. God doesn’t give it to you. He gives you adversity to overcome patience. We’re not sure who is praying for patience, but we told them to stop.”
Having patience during a game is never easy for a head coach, especially when you’re starting your third string quarterback on Friday.
Said Land:”You certainly begin to kind of scale back, and you do a little bit less. When you lose your second quarterback, then you scale back and do a little less, and you just realize, can your defense score?”
Good thing there doesn’t seem to be a defense for stopping talented tailback Jahmyr Gibbs. He only ran for 326 yards last week. He’s right at 17-hundred yards for the season. Best in the state of Georgia.
Reporter:”What he’s doing surprise you even more?”
Said offensive lineman Brant Bagley:”Yes. He’s certainly a special running back, and he gets crazier in every game it seems like.”
Said Gibbs:”Yeah they know you’re are getting the ball, so you’re going to have to. Linemen are going to have to do their job. You’re just going to have to follow them, and hopefully they’ll get you through.” (laughter)
Dalton is leaning on Gibbs to run the Bobcat, where he takes the direct snap.
Said Gibbs:”It was a little nerve-wracking to do that, but we managed to get it done.”
Due to the injuries, Land says teams will stop covering his receivers, and just load everyone in the box against Gibbs.
Said Land:”We are gonna get nine in the box. That’s just reality. So we’ve got to figure out a way to block them. Coaches have stepped up. They’ve created a little bit more maybe some elaborate blocking schemes or maybe it’s just we are doing more drill work. Specific things that we need to do.”
Gibbs is special, but Land says so is this team.
Said Land:”I just like how everybody has stepped up. Everybody understands the urgency. Understands our goals are still all in play. Just we’ve got a little adversity, and so we’ve got to step up and take care of business.”

Dalton hosts South Cobb on Friday night at Harmon Field.

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