Dalton High Get 15 Million Dollar Renovation Green Light

DALTON, GA, (WDEF)-Steve Bartoo,Dalton High Principal,"You know, close to 1900 students and faculty in this building you want that air conditioning working that’s for sure."

Dalton City Council just approved a massive 15 million dollar renovation pot to deal with an issue that has been plaguing Dalton High for more than 2 years.

"Will affect the entire older part of the school, also included with that after they have gone and done that is replacing ceiling tiles, much needed paint and new floor covering as well."

The school’s 500 seat theatre is being readied for graduation but has limited A.C.

It is also being used by three local theatre groups for performances throughout the summer.

Dalton High’s swimming pool is also a hub for 6 other North Georgia schools who use it on a daily basis.

"Dalton High School has seen over 600 students enroll in the last three years which is a steady increase in the last decade and they say this investment is merely coping with demand."

Rusty Lount, Dalton Public Schools,"It’s been about 20 years since we have done the HEVAC in the facility the last major renovation we did to the school was when we added a new wing in 2009 and that serves two classroom wings to the building and we also did the roof in 2006."

The renovations will also see two new elevators installed and multiple fire sprinklers to cope with a growing student body.

Rusty Lount, Dalton Public Schools,"300,000 sq feet of facility here that we have to manage and the system that is failing is over 200,000 sq feet of the building so we have basically 14 units that service that part and we lose entire classroom wings when the units go out."

Renovations are set to begin Christmas 2015 and could take up to 18 months.

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