Dalton to host Georgia Police and Fire Games this week

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) — The City of Dalton is hosting this year’s Georgia Police and Fire Games. The competitions start on Monday.

“Once they’ve completed that task, they have to holster up. Come down and safely unholster and we will shoot one target laying down from underneath the car,” says Whitfield County Seargent Shawn Giles.

He is at the Whitfield County Training Center walking through a course part of the Georgia Police and Fire Games.

“This is simulating a hostage situation. So they have to hit the black poppers. One on the right side and then they will switch, one to the left side,” Giles explains.

This week hundreds of police officers and firefighters from all over are expected to converge in Dalton to compete in the variety of games – from golf to competitions like toughest firefighter.

“A couple of the main ones we look forward to is going to be the toughest cop and the toughest firefighter and the toughest competitor and those are all based around our jobs,” says Douglas Kerns with the Dalton Fire Department.

Toughest competitor, Pistol Match, Combat Shoot and Toughest Cop competitions will all take place at the training center.

Seargent Giles helped put the courses together.

“We really worked hard on that this year, to make it extremely though for these guys, extremely challenging and hopefully when they come out they’re going to have a major good time,” Giles says.

Kerns says the event promotes physical fitness and is way to bring together those working in public safety.

“The reason we want to get together is because we don’t do it enough and by us having the games or activities such as this we get to have that bonding moment,” Kerns said.

Around 15 games will be played.

The public is welcome to come out and support and watch the games.

For more information, visit their website: gapoliceandfiregames.com

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