Dalton High School installs intruder locks on classrooms

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – After a frightening incident last school year, Dalton High School students will find some new security measures when they return to class next week.

Over the summer, intruder locks were installed on all classroom doors at the high school.

The principal, Steve Bartoo, says after a teacher shot out a classroom window in February, they needed a uniform way to lock doors.

He says the intruder locks allow teachers to lock doors from inside the classroom.

Principal Bartoo adds this will allow teachers to keep students save in a quick manner.

“Whereas prior to that they had to exit the classroom, lock their door from the outside and then close their door. So this saves time in case they need to lockdown their classroom in the case of an emergency,” Principal Bartoo said.

The plan is for the intruder locks to be installed throughout the district.


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