Dalton Looking to Bounce Back From Rare Losing Season

Last year Dalton went 3-7.
It was just their second losing season ever since 1959.
Now the Catamounts hope a new head coach will get’em back on track.
Dalton has the 30-in-30 spotlight.

Kip Carpenter is the new man in charge at Dalton, but since he was a long time Catamounts assistant, it doesn’t feel like a changing of the guard.
Said Carpenter:”This is my 20th season here. I played here and coached here for so long. It’s not so much as a real transition as it is just continuing on what we’ve been doing.”
Reporter:”What’s going to make this team a threat next year?”
Said Carpenter:”The amount of weapons that we have in the skill positions. We really have a lot of good kids that will play really well.”
Said receiver Warner Ross:”I think this team has more speed all around and at all around positions. Quarterbacks connect with the receivers. It’s pretty much game over. Journey Boston and Karim (Page). Karim is an outstanding receiver. Journey has speed like nobody else.”
Catamounts are looking for a speedy recovery after last season’s losing campaign.
Said receiver Luke Blanchard:”I feel like we have a lot to prove coming off last year. Last year wasn’t good for any of us, but I think we’re a lot better, and we’ll come back this year.”
Said Carpenter:”You know last year was kind of an anamoly for everybody. For us, the kids have really, really put in the work over the summer. We’re expecting some big things.”
Said Page:’A lot of people think we’re not going to be pretty well, so I like upsetting people you know. You feel me.”
Reporter:”I feel ya.”

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