Dalton phone scam alert

Dalton, GA (WDEF) – A Dalton resident recently reported a phone scam to the Dalton Police Department.

The scammer told the resident he was from the Government Grants Office and had a $9,000 grant for him.

The scammer said he needed the resident’s bank account or credit card number to deposit the money.

Fortunatley, the resident realized this was a scam, and hung up the phone.

The caller ID showed the number 202-381-2728; which is a Washington D.C. number, but it isn’t a working number.

Dalton Police say scammers can fake caller ID numbers.

Police posted on social media about this scam, and another resident said they’d also gotten a call from the same number.

Officials say it appears the scammer is calling numbers in the Dalton area.

Dalton Police remind residents to never give out your bank or personal information to someone who calls you over the phone.

They say a legitimate caller will not ask you for that information.

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