Dalton Police Officer Daniel Tolbert Arrested for Child Molestation

(WDEF) Officer Daniel Tolbert was arrested Thursday evening for one count of child molestation.
        The arrests comes after a Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office investigation.
        Tolbert served as a police officer in Dalton for three months after getting out of the academy.
        This is a release from the Dalton Police Department:

"The Dalton Police Department placed officer Daniel Tolbert on administrative leave nine days ago, immediately after being informed by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office and Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) that he was being investigated on suspicion of child molestation. Tolbert was arrested on a charge of child molestation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation shortly after 5:00 pm today. Any requests for information about the criminal investigation or Tolbert’s arrest should be directed to the GBI.

Tolbert has served the Dalton Police Department for three months after completing the police academy in September. He was sworn in on September 16, 2014. At the time of his suspension, Tolbert was still in the department’s field training program. Because of his status as a trainee, Tolbert was never unsupervised or alone while on duty as a Dalton officer. Probationary trainees ride with an experienced training officer for three phases of field training for at least four months after completing the police academy.

While Tolbert is currently on administrative leave, the city will begin the process of his termination immediately.

“I am very disappointed to hear about this allegation, and upset about the discredit this will surely bring on our department, and officers,” said Dalton Police Chief Jason Parker. “We would never condone or support the kind of behavior that would warrant this charge….the men and women of this department hold ourselves to a very high standard of behavior, and we know the community we serve expects our behavior to be beyond reproach.” "

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