Dalton Police Officer Saves Dalmatian

          Victoria may look like just another playful dog, but she is lucky to be alive, thanks to the quick actions of one Dalton Police officer.
          "When I arrived, she was lying right next to the sign. I walked up, she was grinning. She was wagging her tail. She appeared to be hurt, but seemed pretty happy. Eventually got up on her legs and I observed what appeared to be one broken leg. Right away, I tried to get on the phone with anyone and everyone I could think of that might be able to help, or supply some medical care for her," said Officer John Gurrieri.
         Officer Gurrieri was able to get Victoria emergency care at the RIVER in Chattanooga, but it wasn’t enough to save her leg.
         "At that time, she was getting around on three legs just fine. We were able to take her into surgery, and we were able to amputate the leg, and she’s actually up and doing very, very well today getting around on that limb," said Dr. David Dycus, Staff Surgeon at RIVER Chattanooga.
         Victoria is getting used to life with three legs, but Dr. David Dycus says it often doesn’t take long to overcome the disability.
         "Most dogs after amputation can take anywhere from a week to two weeks to really get their bearings getting used to three legs. With her being relatively young, she’s going to be just fine throughout life. She’s going to be getting around on three legs."
         She may have lost a leg, but thanks to Officer Gurrieri and Dr. Dycus, Victoria has gained so much more.
         "I love dogs. Dogs are by far my animal of choice, and seeing such a well behaved beautiful dog hurt, I felt like I needed to do something to help her," said Gurrieri.
         "She’s going to go on to have a great life. She’s going to find a great home. She’s going to be able to enjoy the beaches of South Florida, and live out any dog’s dream," added Dycus.
         Victoria is going to live at a Dalmatian rescue complex in Florida until she finds a permanent home. If you’d like to help Victoria…..

Dalmatian Rescue

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