Homeowner who exchanged gunfire with Dalton Potter is on the road to recovery

WHITFIELD COUNTY, GA – In early September a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Officer was shot while conducting a traffic stop regarding a stolen trailer. 

The accused shooter and driver of the vehicle fled on foot ensuing a several day manhunt which broke out across Whitfield County. 

Three days into the manhunt,  Eddie Cloer was working in his backyard when he heard a sudden bang and felt a sharp pain in his back. That’s when he turned around to find himself face to face with Manhunt suspect Dalton Potter. Potter fired a second time, hitting Cloer in the chest.

“It was just adrenaline. I stood up. I reached for my pistol. Now, I was facing him at this time. As I was drawing; he shot me for the third time in the shoulder. I kept coming up and I clicked my safety so then that’s when I fired a round at him,” says Eddie Cloer. 

Cloer was shot 4 times including once in the head. Potter was also hit in the head by one of Cloer’s bullets causing Potter to slow down enough for law enforcement to locate and capture him. 

Cloer says even though Potter shot him, He’s thankful the lord spared both of their lives.

“I don’t know if i could live with myself, taking someone’s life. The Good Lord was watching over both of us because he spared his life and mine. The Devil came and he called that day but the Good Lord said not today,” says Cloer .

Cloer had to be life-flighted from Dalton to Chattanooga and has been recovering from his wounds. 

As a result, he has been out of work for several weeks.  

His family has since started a gofundme to help cover medical bills. 


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