Dalton RB Jahmyr Gibbs Started 2019 Season With a Bang

Dalton running back Jahmyr Gibbs made the start of the high school football season last year sound like a NASCAR race with the Gibbs 400. Gibbs rushed for 420-yards in the Catamounts opener against Ringgold, becoming just the 19th player in Georgia history to run for 400-yards in a game. He also scored eight touchdowns in that contest.
Said Gibbs:”We were pretty pumped up though because it was the first game.”
Said Dalton head coach Matt Land:”We knew going in Jahmyr had had a very, very good summer. He had worked at a feverish pace in everything from his speed, his strength, and his nutrition.”
Said Ringgold head coach Robert Akins:”When his hands touched the ball, he was phenomenal.”
Said Land:”Honestly, they just could not stop him because we’d run the same plays using two other backs to run, and we didn’t have the same results.”
Said Akins:”You know he’d get out in space, and he was so good in space that it was just a mismatch all night.”
Said Land:”The problem was he was. He was scoring every three times that he touched the ball. He got to 339. Someone looked that up, and I just kind of. I know he’s going to have a lot of yards. They were like no coach. He’s not that far off from being over 400 yards, and we are sitting here in the middle of the third quarter. I actually brought him over. I said hey Jahmyr, here’s kind of where we’re at. What do you think?”
Said Gibbs:”He asked me about it. I just said. I said yeah, just give me the ball.”
Said Akins:”I’m not sure I saw his face most of the night, but I saw his backside a lot.”
Gibbs:”Because I had never had a 300 yard game before that game. The most I had had before that was like 260.”
Said Land:”He did it against a stacked line of scrimmage, and in only three quarters.”
Said Akins:”I can’t remember anybody rushing for anything close to that in my 40 years of coaching.”

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