Dalton Sensory Room

Two students at Dalton Middle school have found a way to help students with disabilities.
The 7th graders helped create a sensory room that helps special needs students interact, and form friendships.
Gigi Robertson and Windel Ross are the students responsible for the room.
Robertson and Ross reached out to various businesses asking for donations.
Experia-USA, a company that designs, manufactures and install sensory equipment, donated a $3,000 Circular Fiber Optic Shower. RAK Outfitters in Dalton donated an Imu hammock plus $1,000. Many community members, stretching as far as Chattanooga, have donated to the cause, as well.
"The project has been completely designed and executed by Gigi and Windel and would not have been possible without the support and guidance from teachers, administration and the district," said their teacher, Megan Simmons. "They have shown what an impact even a teenager can have on their school and community.’"

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