Dalton State Students and Professors Create Hiking Trails Around Campus

DALTON,GA, (WDEF)-Digging, raking and shovelling for these business and biology students Friday morning.

They are creating a network of hiking trails surrounding Dalton State which will be ready by March.

John Lugthart Biology Professor,"Initially we were just going to have one trial and we though well hey that was fun, why don’t we do some more and now we have three trails."

More than 2000 volunteer hours will be put it into the trails over the course of weekends in January and February.
     Initial Planning for the trails began back in 2006.

Students and volunteers say this is an opportunity for them to give back to their campus but also to their community.

Jonathan Bettis, Business Student,"We are just cleaning out paths, making it flat, pulling roots, making it flat and level, cutting all the trees here that are in the way, making a nice clear 4 feet wide path."

Jake Rogers,Dalton Hiker,"Well I guess they would say I am crazy but at the same time they are probably going to come out here and walk on it."

John Lugthart feels the trails will open up the college campus to the greater Dalton region.

John Lugthart Biology Professor,"Having access to this right here in town is great for the folks at the college but also for the community and we welcome the community to come out and use these trails, it’s great for people of all ages."

The trails will also be used by science students for environmental projects.

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