Dalton’s Monoclonal antibody treatment

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF)- “78 Covid patients are hospitalized and 91% of those people are unvaccinated. 15 of those are on ventilators which is 95%,” said Bruce Frazier.

Monoclonal antibody treatment will soon be available for treating covid cases via drive-thru, similar to how they have been administering vaccines.

Monoclonal antibody therapy is not a new technology so let’s remember that. But about 12% of a patient that does receive it through an injection has a local slight reaction which means there’s an obvious, and apparent skin reaction but there’s not an escalation from there,” said Annalee Harlan.

Dalton is hoping to get it underway as soon as Thursday.

Often referred to by its manufacturer’s name, Regeneron, the treatment can be given to early diagnosed Covid patients.

“I’m excited that we have more access to Regeneron drug therapy because we need that across this country right now. Again to mitigate the impact and burden on our hospital system,” said Harlan.

Harlan said the treatment has been shown to significantly reduce Covid related hospitalizations and deaths but is not a substitute for the vaccine.

“It is a Band-Aid to get us through for one reason or another that I have a breakthrough infection. Those that are severely immunocompromised, transplant patients, these are people that it’s going to be the difference potentially between life and death for them. The vaccination is and it will remain key for us to come out of this pandemic,” said Harlan.

The patients will be able to receive the treatment in their car and then will wait in the vehicle for an hour for observation.

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