“Dancing Cop” is First Responder of the Month

If you haven’t seen the video of the “dancing cop” raising money for the Salvation Army’s Kettle Campaign, you are one of the few.

A spontaneous action by a Cleveland, Tennessee officer turned-into an internet sensation last week.

It certainly qualifies as a service to our community, so tonight we honor Officer Sean Bulow as our First Responder of the month.

This young police officer didn’t expect to become an international celebrity. Sean Bulow decided to put a little extra effort into his volunteer shift during the “Battle of the Bells” at the Cleveland Walmart. That’s where police challenge sheriff’s deputies to see who can raise the most money for the Salvation Army.

RUTHIE FORGEY, CORPS ADMINISTRATOR, THE SALVATION ARMY  “Officer Sean Bulow , uh, was there. And the public relations officer Evie West was there and she just said, ‘hey, you guys want to dance with the kettle?’ And, uh, one of the guys was there and he’s like..mmnn, no! And Sean goes, ‘I’ll do it!” And, so, uh, I’ve got it on video and within two hours it was, it was going wild across the, uh, internet.”

And in fact, Sean raised 11-hundred-41 dollars in just a few hours…that hasn’t been done before.

Chip Chapman, Alisha Searl and Joe Legee, of News 12 This Morning talked Sean into coming on their show.

OFFICER SEAN BULOW  “You’ve had like national network interviews and there are even more now beating your door down. Why do you think that is? At first I was not sure, but uh…did you think you were getting punked when the first network called you:”? Oh, yeah. Laugh. Uh, but apparently you know its given uh hope to people this time of year.”

When the Cleveland Police Department posted the video on their Facebook page, it was shared 10,000 times and got 800,000 views before the day was over. That was a great help for the Salvation Army’s annual campaign. But also for police everywhere.

RUTHIE FORGEY   “The police department in our nation, uh, they, they bhave taken some hard unfair hits un in years past, And this is just a positive way, uh, that they have gotten noticed, uh, across the nation as, as civil servants who care…they’re there to, to guide and protect, un but they also care and involved in their community.”

So, Officer Sean Bulow of the Cleveland Police Department–it’s our honor to salute you as News 12’s First Responder of the Month.

If you’d like to nominate a law enforcement officer, firefighter or EMS member for our First Responder of the Month award, send the information to our website, WDEF.com.


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