David Perez grew up watching Mexico’s Chivas club, Saturday he gets to play them

CHATTANOOGA (CFC) For one CFC player in particular, Saturday’s international friendly against Chivas U-23 will be a dream come true.

“Local Boy” David Perez was born in Chicago, and has been a resident of Dalton, Georgia since he was 11 years old, but that didn’t stop his parents and others from infusing his family’s Mexican culture into him.

“My parents don’t speak much English at all, so when I come home that’s basically all I speak,” Perez said. “When it comes to soccer, my mom’s side of the family has a lot to do with my passion for it. My uncle started introducing me to it. We’d watch games all the time, and after awhile I started playing and it was a year-round thing.”

After adopting the game and beginning to transform into the player he is today, David looked up to numerous Mexican clubs and players — especially Chivas, who play in the country’s highest level of professional soccer, and hold a special criteria for players that makes them special to Mexicans all over the world.

“Whenever I’m back at home it’s a tradition to have family over and watch the Mexican league games,” said Perez. “Everyone is kind of split in my family on who they root for, but Chivas is definitely one of the most popular clubs around because they only accept Mexican players into their program. There’s not a lot of clubs that only accept domestic players, so that makes them easier to root for with my Mexican background.”

Last night, the No. 1 squad for Chivas squared off against Tigres in the 1st leg final of Liga MX. For CFC, this matchup hits close to home, due to the boys in blue hosting Tirgres last season in another international friendly.

Throw in a exhibition with an MLS team from Atlanta like CFC did earlier this year, and it becomes more clear as to why players like David love to compete for CFC and their supporters.

“Being apart of some of these friendlies is just an experience I’ve never had anywhere else in soccer,” said Perez. I love the chance to put my skills to the test and see where I stack up against different players and teams…Mix that with the Chattahooligans and it creates an amazing atmosphere.”

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