Dayton Native Andy Morgan Enjoying Success on FLW Tour

The FLW bass fishing tour returns to Lake Chickamauga on Thursday, and Dayton native Andy Morgan will be one of the favorites. 
Morgan returns home as the reigning FLW tour champion.
  Andy Morgan didn’t become a pro angler right out of high school, but he did already have his line in the water.
"I actually missed my high school graduation because I had a bass tournament. I made 15-hundred-bucks that day. I was 18 or 17-years-old."
   But being a pro fisherman comes with a price.
Try a 42-hundred dollar entry fee for each event on the FLW tour.
"It’s one of those things where you really don’t like to think about it. Ante up and put your 42-hundred in. I always just take it like this. At the first of the year, I add everything up, all of my expenses. This is what I’ve got invested this year. So I’ve got to top all of that to make one penny."
    The more time Morgan spent on the water, the more he learned about what it takes to be a top-notch bass fisherman.
"Fishing is all timing anyway. If you figure out where they’re moving, and how they’re moving, and what time they’re feeding, or what time they are positioned under a dock, or out on a ledge. Once you figure that timing out, the fish isn’t smart. He eats worms. He’s not brilliant by any means."
   Morgan has now risen to the top of the FLW tour.
He has won the angler of the year award two years-in-row, each time earning a 100-thousand-dollar bonus.
"2013 when we were here at Chickamauga at the FLW, I won the first AOY. That was pretty cool. That was special. To win right here in your hometown. The last event of the year."
For a self proclaimed good ole boy.
Fishing ain’t a bad way to earn a living.
"You have those surreal moments where it’s like, why would anybody even pay me to do this? Why just on old red neck from East Tennessee right here in Rhea Co. You’re just really fortunate and blessed to be able to get to do this and actually make a living."
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