Dealing with downed trees in Hamilton County

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Insurance agents and tree service workers have advice for homeowners with downed trees after Tuesday’s storm.

Driving along Harrison Pike, you’ll notice downed trees on yards and houses.
When tree service workers get to a job they make sure to inspect the area first.

“So a number one priority is safety for everybody and number two is to limit the damage to your home, so it is easier to fix and less stuff to replace,” said Sam Manzer, with Big Woody’s Tree Service.

Other tree service companies across town were also hard at work.

“Obviously we are kind of triaging jobs and taking the emergency jobs first and trying to get to them, anything that threatens property and our clients have been very gracious with us and postponing some of the things that aren’t emergency jobs,” said Hannes de Wet, with Tree Worx.

There are steps a homeowner can immediately take if they have a downed tree on their property.

“First identify if it is not on powerlines or cable lines or phone lines, on a gas line or anything like that. If it is, that should be on your first phone call to the power company,” de Wet said.

Hank DeHart, a State Farm agent says you should assess the damage.

“Take any measures that you can safely to mitigate any future loss and make sure you are keeping your receipts. So if you need to run to Lowe’s and get some tarps to keep water from coming in, you will be reimbursed for all of that,” DeHart said.

They then suggest reaching out to your insurance company.

“If you have a local agent it is a little easier, give them a call. Check your deductible. The standard homeowner’s policy for pretty much every company out there includes wind and hail, storms, it is really what they are for,” DeHart said.

As for tree service workers, they’ve been busy and don’t expect to slow down anytime soon.

Insurance agents say this type of damage won’t necessarily affect homeowner’s rates. They say catastrophe claims won’t count against their record.

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