Debris in Soddy Lake causes problems for boaters

SODDY-DAISY, Tenn. (WDEF) — City officials in Soddy-Daisy are asking boaters to avoid parts of Soddy Lake because of debris in the area.

Stormy Mitchell and her family spent time today fishing on Soddy Lake.

“We come out about once every two weeks. Kind of give it time to build up the fish,” Mitchell said.

She’s noticed some problems.

“It is really shallow, right in this area. Further out there is some debris that boats can get hung up on,” Mitchell said.

Chief Mike Guffey, with the Soddy-Daisy Fire Department, says because of flooding, a lot of debris from creeks washed down into the lake.

Couches, logs and trash are popping up.

“Public works has gone in and got out 30 to 50 tires. Myself and my assistant chief we went out to do a survey the other day and we pulled out a kitchen sink, a metal framed table, but there is such a large amount out there that is embedded in that mud that we can’t get out,” Chief Guffey said.

He is warning boaters to stay out of the area.

“There is an extreme amount of underwater dangerous hazards out there that going any decent rate of speed, if you hit, you could be thrown off a jet ski if you are pulling a skier or a tuber. Somebody could get hurt severely out there,” Chief Guffey said.

While the debris can be a danger for boaters, Mitchell says its good for the fish.

“The bass and the fish, they like to have those certain hiding spots. As some people call them, that is there honey holes,” Mitchell said.

People here were able to avoid the trash and reel in a catch of the day.

Guffey says they reached out to state and federal agencies for help.

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