Debt collectors could seize the new round of Stimulus Checks

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – There’s a new protective shield over the Round 3 stimulus checks, but if you have a heavy debt, you might not see the $1,400, depending on who you owe.”

Unlike the previous economist payments, debt collectors will be able to garnish more from this third round of stimulus payments. 

“The first 2 were shielded from debt collectors but this third one because it is part of a budgetary agreement instead of a stand alone bill , third party debt collectors do have access to the funds if they happen to get to them before you do,” says Joe Lautigar, H&R Block. 

Since some debts are protected , not everyone who owes money is at risk of losing their check. 

“Is shielded from federal debts altogether. So student loans, bad taxes and child support is protected. This one is supposed to come to the people. But we are talking about overdraft fees, court orders  or garnishments. Those types of things. If you have a garnishment for any kind of debts such as credit cards , court orders , any kind of local debts. It’s everything else besides child support , bad taxes, and student loans,” says Lautigar.

Officials say stimulus checks are supposed to be hitting residents’ bank accounts this week. 

“They are starting to send them out in waves. The first people who are supposed to receive stimulus money are the ones who have bank account information already on file. If you do not get it and you haven’t received the previous stimulus checks you can claim them as a tax refund when you file your tax returns,” says Lautigar.

For more information about tracking your stimulus check, click here

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