Declaration of Resistance Rally ends peacefully at Coolidge Park

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The white supremacist rally in Charlottesville Virginia sparked rallies and protests all over the nation. A group organized a rally to gather in solidarity with Charlottesville here in the scenic city.

Ashley Henderson began her speech with, “Who wants to dismantle fascism I want to do all that too but you wanna know what I want to do more. I want to dig down in the dirt and I want to pull it up from the roots so that that crap can never grow again.”

People flocked to Coolidge Park Thursday night for the Declaration of Resistance. Some like Don Mecca from as far as Anniston Alabama.

Mecca says, “We have to come together that’s the whole thing. We are going to have people with different views from different races and different opinions but at the end of the day, as Americans, we have to learn to live together.”

Many toted signs of love, peace, but many with deafening messages of resistance.

The crowd chanted, ” No Nazis, no KKK not fascists USA.”

A  group gathered away from the rally to have a conversation about how they can be apart of the change and many say this was a conversation that is well overdue.

When speaking to News 12, they didn’t want to give their names, but here’s what they said, “I can talk to any one of these individuals as an American because outside of this country there was a whole lot of more evil that yall don’t see. Why don’t we get together to hold a political discussion, hold discourse, look at facts. The main thing is that people want to ignore facts.”

We need to get the group leaders of the city not of the government, but as far as the ethnic groups and get them to talk about what we can do what we can compromise with to find a solution to end the violence and bring everybody together.”

“Absolutely it was necessary if we can hit each other over the head with sticks like in Charlottesville all day throw rocks constantly, but at the end of the day have you actually convinced anybody of anything or have you just made people angry and more divided and afraid of each other. This is how it’s always been we have to sit down and talk if we want to accomplish anything.”

Groups prayed earlier in the day and stood around the site linking arms and continued to pray during the rally and attendees told me they believe that helped keep tonight’s events peaceful.

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