Dekalb County man accused of killing widower and father of four

CROSSVILLE, Alabama(WDEF) – Dekalb County Sheriff deputies arrested a man in connection to a deadly shooting that occurred Saturday night.

Michael Chapman, 47, of Crossville was found shot to death at a home on County Road 534.

According to Dekalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris, deputies were dispatched to that home to investigate a domestic issue. When they arrived, they found Burlin Richard Pritchett, 46 of Crossville in possession of a weapon.

Pritchett was later charged with murder.

According to News 12 CBS partner WAFF, family and friends gathered at Chapman’s home Sunday to grieve the loss of a father and friend.

His daughter, Chrysteal, said she wasn’t there at the time, and his surviving family members don’t know what circumstances led up to the shooting. She said she arrived at the house minutes after her father was fatally shot.

Chapman was a widower and has four children between the ages of 11-22. The family painted a picture of a man who would offer help to anyone who needed it, a father to anyone who walked through his doorway.

"He was loved by many, and I will miss him very much, as will every other life he touched," said Chrysteal.

Neighbors reinforced the small community’s sense of loss.

"I couldn’t believe it," said C.B. Croft, who said he has known Chapman for 30 years. "I couldn’t believe it happened. He’s just a nice feller; he’d come over here and work for us, and half the time, he wouldn’t charge nothing. He was a good feller as far as I was concerned."

"He was the old man I went to for advice," said Andrew Schaufelberger, who was taken in by Chapman, and said he was a father figure. "If anybody needed somebody to talk to, he was there."

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