Democrats turn out in force in Georgia early voting

Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) – Georgia’s Democratic voters have turned out in force in early voting.

The initial tally could encourage Democrats hoping for a “blue wave” of wins in the state, the crown jewel of which would be the Georgia governor’s mansion.

Republican ballots made up approximately 61 percent of early and absentee primary votes in 2014 and 2016, according to data from Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s office. Democratic ballots made up just 37 percent those years.

This year the Republican share of early and absentee primary ballots has shrunk to just 53 percent, while Democrats’ share has climbed to 46 percent.

Voters will get their final chance to cast a ballot in Tuesday’s primaries.

Georgia’s primaries are open, meaning any voter can choose either a Democratic or Republican primary ballot.

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