Demonstrators ask Sheriff not to turn man over to ICE

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A group of Chattanooga immigrants staged a short demonstration at the Hamilton county sheriff’s office, asking that one undocumented man be released from jail.

With support from a Washington D.C. advocacy group known as “United we Dream”, the demonstrators were there to appeal to Sheriff Jim Hammond not to turn Edgar Diaz over to the immigration service.

Diaz was arrested for driving “too slowly”, according to his wife, Anabella.

Luzhilda Campos of United We Dream says “I think that the reality is that right now, there is a man being detained, and that there is a man, that they’re wanting to hand over to ICE.”

“And that there’s a family out here suffering and fighting for their loved one to be released. And the Sheriff has the ability and the power to call in and get him released.”

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office says no one there was notified of the event, and no one responded to the demonstrators.

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