Dennis Maddux Retires from Cleveland Police in Scathing Letter

Cleveland, TN (WDEF) – Captain Dennis Maddux is officially leaving the Cleveland Police Department over the scandal created when he had an affair with the wife of an employee while serving as Chief.

But he isn’t going quietly.

Maddux’s resignation letter takes aim at the internal affairs investigation into his case and city leaders.

"The Internal Affairs report that was twisted to fit the internal machine that has divided the Cleveland Police Department for the last 8 years will continue to lead to failure if not repaired.  My failed marriage and my private life should not be a factor in the demise of an otherwise flawless career."

"After the completion of the subjective, presumptive, and unorthodox Internal Affairs investigation and the premature release of it to the press that led to the personal attack on my character and integrity as a police officer, I announce effective immediately that I retire from the Cleveland Police Department."

"Let this notice reflect my denial of any violation of department policy, and that after 28 years of dedicated and unwavering police service to this city I retire with great concern for it.  I move forward with reluctance and apprehension for my family, the Griggs family, and for the men and women of the Cleveland Police Department in hopes that they will be able to succeed in this profession without the bias that has persecuted me."

Maddux was demoted from chief to a police officer after the report.

He is the second police chief in the last few years to lose his position over inappropriate conduct in office.

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