Dentist volunteers to fix teeth of carjacked Uber driver

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – Finally, some good news for Carolina Vargas.

She is the Uber driver who leaped out of her SUV to escape a carjacking in Whitfield County.

She picked up Christopher Miller in Nashville to drive him to Cleveland.

After seeing her story and her injuries, a Nashville dentist decided to help bring her smile back.

“It shocked me and after all the negative information that’s out there now I thought, ‘with our office open, why not? We can help this person and why not just throw a little good out in the world?

Carolina responded “Oh my God! I hope God bless you and he multiplies this times ten for your life and your family. Thank you, Thank you so much!”

Christopher Miller was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida.

He faces charges of aggravated assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

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