Deputies ensure Super Bowl safety

Area law enforcement officers in the Tennessee Valley say they’re making safety during the Super Bowl a top priority.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office says its deputies are patrolling the streets for impaired drivers.

A 70-thousand dollar grant from the Tennessee Highway Patrol helps pay for overtime.

Fortunately, D-U-I numbers have gradually lowered over the last few years, especially during Super Bowl weekend.

Hamilton County Captain Charles Lowery Jr. says, ‘a lot of it is the fact that they know we are out and the fact that they care about each other and about the citizens of Hamilton County. Then they also take in the responsibility to try to keep someone from being injured, involved in a crash or maybe even killed.”

Lowery points out the county so far has had zero fatalities this year.

Last year, there were five and in 2015 there were four.

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