Derrick Henry Feeling Healthy Again at Titans Minicamp

Running back Derrick Henry was on hand for the start of the Titans mandatory mini-camp. Of course there’s nothing mini about Henry from his size to his impact on the offense. Tennessee lost Henry for half the season last year with a foot injury, but he doesn’t look injured anymore.

Said Henry:”Yeah I feel good.”
I feel good. I knew that I would now.
So stop asking me about my foot.
Reporter:”Do you feel like you are pre-injury Derrick Henry in terms of the foot and so forth.”
Said Henry:”Yeah. I feel good. Feel real good.”
Good enough that Henry is doing those insane workouts again.
Said Henry:”I probably get up about 7:30 with my daughter and go to workout. I’ll probably go workout probably at 10:30. And then I come back and eat lunch then go back and workout at four. I give myself a Sunday off. Take my daughter out to eat sometimes.”
When you’re King Henry, you workout however you please.
Said Henry:”You know in 2020 whenever COVID hit, we had to train by ourselves. I really enjoyed that. I got to go workout when I wanted to whether it was twice a day or three times a day or twice a day and go to the field. Then last year I did the same thing, so I just felt like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
Henry admits he has had the fitness bug forever.
Said Henry:”Since a kid if I’m sittin’ around the house, I’d do push-ups. Sit-ups or go over to my cousin’s at the high school because I wanted to workout. I love working out. I love being fit. Love staying in shape. I love the game, so I feel like if I’m sittin’ around and not getting better then someone is out-working me, so that’s the mindset I’ve always had.”
Even though Henry missed nine games with that toe injury last year, he still rushed for 937 yards. The Titans understand his value. That’s why a contract extension may be forthcoming.
Said Henry:”I mean it’s always good to get a promotion at your job. Don’t you think so? Get a promotion it’s always good. Yeah man I’m just trying to work through that. Currently still under contract. If that’s what the future holds, then yeah, that would be great.”

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