DesJarlais and Tracy Camps Await Provisional Ballots

SOUTH PITTSBURG, TN, (WDEF)-"I guess I have to live with it, I don’t have to like it" says one voter.

While dozens celebrated in South Pittsburg Thursday night, a DesJarlais campaign spokesperson told News 12 they are optimistic that the provisional count Monday and Tuesday will dismiss any remaining concerns.

But some residents say they would be happier if DesJarlais was ousted by Jim Tracy.

Robert Blake, South Pittsburg Resident,"I’m not real proud of anybody elected if that somebody is immoral, talks about church and stuff, being that immoral shouldn’t be in office"

If DesJarlais is still ahead after provisional ballots are counted and all 16 counties  certify them, Tracy’s team have the option to call for a recount if he has lost, within 5 days of the final county submitting their certification.

Henry lodge, Lodge Manufacturing,"His opponents have thrown everything at him they could possibly throw at him, I can’t possibly imagine that they would have to really make something up at this point"

DesJarlais’s chief of staff said they gave everything they had in the weeks and months leading up to last week’s election.

Richard Vaughn, Chief Of Staff, Scott DesJarlais"We have gone out of our way to engage our voters, whether its town halls, tele-town halls, social media, twitter, Facebook, its really been a new style of governing and I think the voters in the fourth appreciate it"

DesJarlais told News 12 that he is receiving treatment for cancer but said he is ready and willing to return to DC.

The Tennessee Election Commission confirmed If the results are challenged, a final decision will be made by the Republican State committee executive.

DesJarlais has been ranked as the 4th most conservative member of the house by the National Journal.

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