Details on the Latest Weekend Incident That Has Cleveland Buzzing

        The case involves a domestic incident Saturday afternoon between Cleveland police employee Jeff Griggs and his wife Cindy Ann across the county line in McMinn County.
        He was charged with biting her fingers in a struggle over a memory card in a camera.
        In the report from the incident, She told a McMinn deputy that she was meeting with her husband’s boss, new Police Chief Dennis Maddux about bruises from a previous assault by her husband that she never reported.
        But he showed up to apparently take pictures of his wife with the chief.
        She admitted to the deputy that she reached into his vehicle to get the memory card away from him, when he bit her.
        Neither Jeff Griggs nor Chief Maddux was there when the investigator arrived at the scene.
        Our media partner, the Cleveland Daily Banner reports that both men are back on their jobs today.
        Of course, conduct is an issue in Cleveland where they lost former chief Wes Snyder two years ago when video appeared showing him meeting a woman at a Cleveland storage unit. 
        We’ll have reaction to the latest incident tonight on News 12 @ 6.


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