Details of the Sunday robbery that landed a Chattanooga Firefighter in jail

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Details from the police report on the arrest of a Chattanooga Firefighter paint a more bizarre picture.

A Racetrack clerk in Hixson told the investigating police officer that a man in a jacket held him up with a pocket knife.

But he came in 10 minutes before to check the place out.

The officer played back the surveillance video to the first visit and found the suspect was wearing a fire department pullover and ball cap.

He also to a look at the car the suspect was using.

The officer then went to the nearest fire station and found a fireman matching the description had just gotten off work ten minutes before the holdup.

That’s when he got the call that a car matching his description had just gotten into a wreck.

It was a few miles away about to cross the Chickamauga Dam.

The officer found cash, the clothing and the pocketknife in the wrecked car.

Steven Ratledge was taken to the hospital and then charged with aggravated burglary.

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