Diane Black explains the pornography and violence connection

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – U.S. Representative Diane Black made a campaign stop in Chattanooga this morning.

She is seeking the nomination for Governor in a field of 6 candidates on the Republican ticket.

She was quoted in many national publications for linking violent movies and pornography to school shootings.

Black spoke at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

She told us “Of course it was totally taken out of context but my point is that we are not getting as much supervision for young people and families are falling apart.”

“And when families are not in tact hopefully there will be a mentor maybe even a counselor at school but when a child doesn’t have that kind supervision they will look for other things and as we know there area lot of violent video um that they can get involved in along with that if the internet there is access to pornography and its not safe things for peoples’ minds.”

When asked what would be the first thing she would address if elected, since she has a background in nursing, she wants to try and fix the opioid issue.

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