Direct Flooring giving back to the community

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) -A Chattanooga flooring company is selling rugs to helping out the areas community.

After years of working with builders Direct Flooring opened its doors in April to the public.

Direct Flooring’s owner Jordan Parker said the store opened to the public help out the community after the pandemic.

Parker and Jonathan Rodriguez also with Direct flooring is taking it one step further by partnering with The Boulevard Project, which helps put money back into the Rossville boulevard community.

They said part of each weekend rug purchase gets donated to The Boulevard Project.

“To be able to make an impact it’s a purpose in life. It gives us a goal and motivation and it drives us to continue to prove in our business style and our strategies so the better we do the more we can give,” said Rodriguez.

“We wanted to give to an organization where we could see the impact here locally. We wanted to actually see the impact taking place,” said Parker.

Rodriguez encourages other companies to work along side The Boulevard Project to help revitalize the Rossville boulevard area.

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