Discarded Bedbug Infested Mattresses Plague Residents

Bed bugs have made a resurgence in our country and the difficult-to-treat critter shows no signs of going anywhere soon.

But residents of one local apartment complex said their property management is doing little to help, and the infested and discarded mattresses are stacked right next to their buildings.

"When I go to the trash I stand away from the dumpsters to throw my trash in because I don’t want to get bit," said resident Alicia Bailey

According to residents, bed bugs have taken over the Rustic Village Apartments on Central Drive in Chattanooga.

"it’s all around the apartment complex, inside the buildings," said Bailey. "It’s a lot of mattresses over by the dumpsters where the kids go and play."

Bed bug infestations are not new in the United States.

But residents say this stack of mattresses that was removed from infested apartments and left close to buildings pose a safety AND health risk.

"It’s children playing around them," said Bailey. "Jumping on the mattresses. They pull them out, jump around on them and they’re also getting bitten. They aren’t supposed to be over there but that shouldn’t be there."

A map depicts the highest concentrations of bed bug infestations in the country.

Bed bugs are incredibly difficult to treat, but according to pestworld.org, infested mattresses should be wrapped in plastic, marked as infested and disposed of properly.

Calls to Rustic Village Apartments weren’t answered.

"My twin grandbabies been eaten plenty of times," said Bailey. "They have a lot of spots on their bodies. But what I do, I just bathe them. There’s nothing else I can do about it until they do something about it."

According to an Orkin Pest Control survey, Tennessee doesn’t have any cities that place in the top 50 U.S. Cities with the most bed bug infestation.

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