Diver attacked by shark rescued by nurses on nearby boat

A man who was injured after an apparent shark attack off of Key Biscayne was released from the hospital on Tuesday. Mario Avila, 37, told CBS Miami he was attacked by a shark on Saturday while scuba diving – and he was rescued with the help of a group of nurses who happened to be on a nearby charter boat.

Avila said it was a bull shark that grabbed a hold of his left arm and almost killed him. “I was diving and immediately, the shark came and attacked me. I never saw it, it came by surprise and attacked me,” Avila told the station.

Mario Avila  CBS Miami

He was saved by fishermen from Hot Shot Charters, who were on a nearby boat during the incident. According to ABC News, on board were a pediatric nurse and an operating nurse.

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Those diving with Avila began waving for help and that’s when Kyle Evans and others on the charter boat, jumped into action and pulled Avila on board.

While leaving Ryder Trauma Center on Tuesday, Avila was wearing a cast on his injured arm and showed CBS Miami the bite marks on his chest as well.

scars-on-chest-shark-victim.jpg Mario Avila shows scars from an apparent shark attack.  CBS Miami

“It came to try and figure out what I was,” Avila said. “It came directly and attacked my arm. I automatically pushed it away with my other arm and that’s when he tore up all my fingers and my chest.”

He said the shark was about 20-feet long. “I’ve been fishing underwater for 20 years, and all my life, I’ve never seen one that big,” Avila said.

Avila told CBS Miami he is lucky to be alive and isn’t too sure if he’ll be back in the water scuba diving.

“I was reborn on August 3rd,” said Avila. “Scuba diving, I don’t think I’ll ever do again, but I’ll keep fishing with a rod.”

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