Doctor testifies in child death trial

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — The man accused of killing a three-year-old says she died after she fell down stairs at a Chattanooga motel in 2014. At his trial, people testifying say that story was not consistent with her injuries.

On the third day of trial for Rhasean Lowry, doctors and people who knew Tatiana Emerson well, took the stand. Lowry is accused of killing the three year old in 2014. She was his then girlfriend’s daughter.

“She was very sweet, very quiet. She was very obedient, she had a sweet spirit,” said Shalon Hurst, Tatiana’s godmother.

Hurst says the girl stayed with her for about two years. She says Tatiana wasn’t prone to injuries.

“I never noticed a bruise on Tatiana.”

“What about complaining of headaches? Did she get headaches easy?” asked prosecutor Lance Pope.

“I never noticed her getting headaches. She never said anything about it,” Hurst said.

Dr. Gregory Talbott, who works at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, then testified. He was in charge of the pediatric intensive care unit the day Tatiana came to the hospital. He says he talks to family members about their child’s medical history and what happened.

“So I need the most accurate and updated information otherwise we may go down the wrong path,” Dr. Talbott said.

In this case he talked to Lowry, who told him Tatiana fell down the stairs of the motel they were staying at.

“Bruising of the earlobes, particularly bilaterally, is highly correlated with inflicted injury of a child,” Dr. Talbott said.

The doctor said after looking at Tatiana’s injuries further, Lowry’s account didn’t add up.

“It begins to paint a picture of injury that may not fit the story that was proffered,” Dr. Talbott said.

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