McKamey warns neighbors in Avondale to bring pets inside

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- UPDATE: McKamey Animal Center wants to warn citizens near Olive Street and North Hawthorne Street to bring their animals inside.

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Late Saturday night, a second animal was shot and killed one block over from where a dog was strangled earlier this week.

The Animal Services Director says that they are patrolling the area and plan to perform a necropsy on the second animal.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- McKamey Animal Center is offering a reward after a dog was found strangled to death in the Avondale neighborhood earlier this week.

News 12 spoke to a witness who found the dog unresponsive.

We want to warn you that some of the details are disturbing.

“It’s disturbing. It really is.”

Dana Ramby lives across the street from where the dog was found.

She and her son were the first ones to find the dog in a spot where some of her neighbors use a dump.

Ramby says that the full grown German Shepard was a stray and has been wondering around the neighborhood for quite sometime.

“My initial thought was that there is someone very very sick in this neighborhood. That is exactly what I thought. It wasn’t something like ‘I just killed this dog and moved on’.This is someone who took time and put multiple zip ties around this dogs neck,” adds Ramby.

Ramby is concerned that the suspect may be one of her neighbors.

She says, “Nobody’s animal is safe. Nobody’s child is safe. It’s just ridiculous and it needs to stop.”

The dog was taken to McKamey Animal Center for a necropsy, which is an autopsy for animals.

The results showed that they cause of death was strangulation.

Animal Services Director, Officer Rebecca Ross says that animal cruelty could be a crime that leads to murder.

“Animal cruelty is a felony in the state of Tennessee. Something that people don’t realize is that murder and stuff like that always starts with animals”, adds Officer Ross.

This is the fourth dog in four years that was strangled in Chattanooga.

McKamey says that all previous offenders have been arrested and placed on a registry and that’s why they are now offering a reward.

Ofc. Rebecca Ross says,”McKamey is offering a $500 reward and that goes to anybody that knows anybody responsible or who the dog belongs to. Just to figure out who was responsible.”

If you have any information contact McKamey Animal Center at 423-305-6515

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