Domestic Violence Charge for Off-Duty Hamilton County Corrections Officer

COLLEGEDALE, TN – Collegedale Police were called to a unit at the Summit at Hawthorne Apartments early Saturday morning regarding a woman screaming for help. A neighbor made the call.

Officers met Jordan Brown and her boyfriend Ronnie Tyler Grasham, an off duty Hamilton County Corrections Officer.

According to Brown, she had just broken up with Grasham and asked him to leave the apartment. That led to an arguement in which Grasham allegedly grabbed Brown and threw her on the ground. Brown also says Grasham placed his knee in her back and his arm around her neck and said she was going to jail because he was a cop.

Grasham had a different state of events. He told the officers that Brown had returned home smelling of alcohol after a night out with friends. After questioning her about the smell, Brown became frustrated and allegedly struck Grasham according to his events. Grasham reacted by putting her on the ground.

Collegedale officers arrested Tyler Grasham for Aggravated Domestic Violence after seeing visible marks on Brown’s neck and arm, but no marks on Graham. Grasham was transported to Silverdale, and is currently out on a $6,000 bond while waiting for his court date, August 25th.

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