Donate to Groups Who Are Helping Families of the Fallen Heros

CHATTANOOGA,TN (WDEF-TV) – Chattanoogans are beginning to come to terms with the loss of 5 service members in that terrorist attack last Thursday.
And, as part of that emotional recovery, most people want to do something to help.
Unfortunately there are scammers out there just waiting to use this tragic incident for personal gain.
Now some tips on how to keep from being taken.

MAYOR ANDY BERKE "When you’re giving funds to someone you want to know you can trust them because the worst thing we can do is abuse the trust of our citizens when they are trying to do a good thing."

No one is pointing any fingers at fund-raising groups—just recognizing that not everyone may have the victims and their families in mind
JIM WINSETT "When you have a local tragedy disaster type situation …is that you have many things locally…people with good intentions..trying to be supportive and trying to help…..but we’re always leery of door-to-door solicitation and the setting-up of new organizations to do this type of thing."

There are plans to raise money with t-shirts and the slogan "hashtag Chattanooga Strong".
You’ll be hearing more about that later this week. And there are neighborhood groups already planning to make a cash donation to Marine Corp and Navy representatives.
AND, There are also formalized groups.

MAYOR ANDY BERKE, CHATTANOOGA "We’ve got two main sources, the National Compassion fund-dot-org, and then the local community foundation..both of these are reputable organizations where 100% of the dollars are going to the victims and their families and that’s really what we want to see."

Local leaders say by all means help whereever you can as the city shows its concern and respect to those who lives were lost. But, if in doubt—ask a few more questions.

Here’s the information on the two fund-raising groups recommended by the mayor and the BBB.
The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga at 1270 Market Street.
And the other is the
Be sure to write Chattanooga on your check.

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