Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold; How to Avoid Heating Problems

SODDY DAISY, TN (WDEF) – What if your home isn’t heating up to 71 degrees or whatever temperature you set your thermostat at?

Does it mean there’s something wrong with your heat pump?

David Walker with Reliable Heating and Air, says, "No, not necessarily. This type of weather, a heat pump is going to run constantly."

According to Walker, if it’s below 35 degrees outside, your heat pump is going to lose efficiency.

Walker adds, "There’s no need for alarm. All pumps have auxiliary back up heat and that will come on and assist your heat pump and maintain the temperature in your home."

But if your home is five or six degrees below what you set your thermostat at, Walker says get it checked by a professional.

And if ice never melts off your heat pump, it’s also a good idea to call a professional.

Walker adds, "Every 90 minutes, that ice will melt and go away and the cycle will start all over again."

Walker says if you get your unit inspected at the beginning of each heating season, you’ll less likely to be left out in the cold.

He adds, "It should be cleaned through, the coils, and have an operational check. Your refrigerant levels are important in the winter time because that’s where you get your heat from."

And Walker says if you want to be economical, set your thermostat and leave it or look into another options for supplemental heat, like a wood burning stove.

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