Most don’t have what it takes to be a Georgia state trooper

ATLANTA (AP) – More than 2,700 men and women applied to become Georgia state troopers last year, but only 30 passed a variety of evaluations and completed the necessary training to join the force.

The last complete training session lasted 18 weeks.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that many cadets washed out in the first week of training, some during the first hours of the first day.

Capt. Scott Woodell, director of the Georgia State Patrol’s academy in Forsyth, says many cadets quit during training because they are not physically fit to continue.

State Patrol Col. Mark McDonough said the difficulty in finding suitable candidates for the agency is also a nationwide law enforcement problem.

The starting pay – $35,741 – has also been cited by some as a reason for the trooper shortage.

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