Douglas Heights shooting video shown in court on Tuesday

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The survivors of the Douglas Heights shooting last month testified in court on Tuesday about what happened.

Three men were shot when someone fired through the apartment door on July 14th, killing one of the victims.

Three men have been charged in connection with the case are Hyacinth Taylor and brothers Toddie Woods, Jr. and Omerrieal Woods.

On Tuesday, one of the  survivors testified that he thought he wouldn’t survive the night. He says he told himself he couldn’t die and he thought of his mother.

Previously, we had learned from the police report that surveillance cameras showed a group of young men trying to get into the apartment after they were denied entrance to a party.

At the preliminary hearing, prosecutors played the video for the judge (this is just the ending of the video).


They say Taylor gave Omerrieal Woods a gun and he handed it to his brother Toddie, who then fired it 15 times into the door.

The judge bound over the case to a grand jury.

But she reduced charges against Omerrieal Woods and Taylor to facilitation of first degree and two counts of facilitation of attempted first degree murder. Toddie Woods’ first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder charges stayed the same.

Toddie Woods was out on a $200,000 bond, but the judge increased it by an addition $25,000. Omerrieal Woods is on a federal hold, so his lawyer says he won’t be making bond. The judge made Taylor’s bond for this case $85,000. It was initially $100,000.

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