Dozens attend former WUTC reporter rally

The WUTC radio reporter who was fired after covering a legislative event in Nashville, says she has hired a lawyer.

Thirty two year old, Jacqui Helbert was fired after local lawmakers complained she did not explicitly identify herself as a reporter for WUTC, an NPR affiliate. Helbert says she was wearing an NPR press pass and carrying radio reporting gear.

Helbert has received support from news organizations across the country. About 50 students held a rally for her this afternoon on the UTC campus.

“It was amazing like, when I first decided to go to, like you know, started talking to the press, I wasn’t sure what the reception was going to be, but it’s like both sides, like today I did an interview with conservative talk radio and like, we may not agree on so many things but they were like you know we believe in freedom of the press and we stand behind you so, it’s been incredible that this is something that a lot of people can rally behind.” said former WUTC radio reporter.

Demostrators criticized Senator Mike Bell, from Riceville, Rep. Kevin Brooks, of Cleveland, and Senator Todd Gardenhire of Chattanooga for their complaint against Helbert.

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